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Bottle Up Waterfles Midnight Blue (500ml)

Bottle Up
Bottle Up Waterfles Midnight Blue (500ml)
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Bottle Up Waterfles Midnight Blue (500ml)

Bottle Up



Bottle Up Midnight Blue 500ml

  • Renewable - Our bottle is made entirely from renewable plant-based plastic, using less water and energy to produce than single-use plastic bottles
  • Reusable - Sturdy, and safe! Our sugar cane based bottle is tough and BPA free. Safe to reuse again and again
  • Refreshing - Filled with low-impact fresh spring water from sustainable sources and priced so affordably it can compete with single-use plastic

Bottle Up's made of 100% sugar cane, and 0% BPA, It's renewable, refillable, refreshing and reliably stylish. Bottle Up is better for you, and the planet.

Bottle Up isn’t just planet positive, it’s people positive. Every bottle sold means another donation to our partners at Made Blue. They’re doing wonderful work, ensuring clean, safe drinking water to communities in developing countries all over the world.

Postbus 11409, 1001 GK, Amsterdam Kemp House, 152 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX


5/5 stars