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Flo Organic Tampons (16 stuks)

Flo Organic Tampons (16 stuks)

Flo Organic Tampons (16 stuks)




  • 16 cotton tampons: 8 Regular + 8 Super
  • No applicators here, just 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton that's 100% biodegradable
  • Width-wise expansion for superior comfort and reliability

Hello gorgeous! Fancy some cotton tampons? FLO menstrual products are plant-based, natural and super comfy, for period protection you can rely upon. Our Organic Non-Applicator Tampons are no exception - we use GOTS-certified organic cotton for super comfy, super absorbent protection free from nasties like chlorine bleach, dioxins, synethic fibres, pesticides, fragrances and allergens.

At FLO, we believe in giving back to people and the planet, so 5% of our profits go to girls and women in need through charities like Orchid Project, who work to end FGM, and Bloody Good Period, who provide period and personal care products for people who can't afford them.