Terms and Conditions

1. Holland & Barrett

a) "Holland & Barrett" is the trademark or registered trademark of Holland & Barrett Retail Limited and/or our affiliates in the U.K. and in other countries.

b) The material in the Web Site is copyright to Holland & Barrett Retail limited or our content and technology providers. You are welcome to view, print and download the contents of the Web Site for personal use, but not for any commercial purposes or re-publication.

2. Contacting Us

a) Our contact address is:

Holland & Barrett Retail Limited
Samuel Ryder House
Barling Way
Eliot Park
CV10 7RH

You may also contact us by fax on 02476 215497 or by telephone on 0370 606 6606 or alternatively, you can email us

3. Web Site Information

a) We have tried to ensure that information provided in the Web Site is accurate. However, we make no representation and give no warranty of any kind in respect of the information.

b) We do not accept liability for any loss (direct, indirect or consequential) which may arise from reliance on information contained in the Web Site or in respect of any error or omission, except in relation to death or personal injury caused by our negligence.

4. Description of Products

a) The description and specification of products in the Web Site is only approximate and we reserve the right to make changes which do not materially affect the quality or performance of those products.

b) We may correct any error appearing in the Web Site or withdraw any product from sale without incurring liability. Price and availability is also subject to change without notice.

5. Ordering Products

a) You may order products from the Web Site by submitting a completed order form through the check-out procedure.

b) We will confirm acceptance of your order by e-mail to the address you have given and the sending of this e-mail (whether or not it is received) makes the contract between us.

6. The Price and Payment

a) The price of the products will be the price quoted in the Web Site at the time we accept your order. The price will include any applicable value added tax, but not the cost of delivery.

b) In addition to the price, you will have to pay our delivery charges as quoted in the Web Site at the time we accept your order - unless you qualify for free delivery. The amount of these charges varies according to the method of delivery and the delivery address you specify in your order.

c) Payment is made by credit card or PayPal at the time we accept your order. (the payment methods we accept are listed in the Web Site at the time you place your order). Refunds will generally be made by means of a credit to your original payment method.

d) Although every care is taken in the quality of content on this site, there may occasionally be an error and items may be mispriced. In this event we will either: contact you to ask if you wish to cancel the order, or simply cancel the order and notify you, at our own discretion. We are under no obligation to supply goods at the incorrect price.

7. Delivery of Products

a) We will arrange for delivery of the products you order by the method and to the address which you specify in the check-out procedure. However, the time for delivery will not be essential to the contract between us.

b) If you do not take delivery of the products or supply adequate delivery instructions, we may cancel your order and retain the products. In this event, we will refund you the price of the products, but you will still be liable to pay any delivery charges.

c) If there is an error or any other delivery problem in respect of the products ordered, you must notify us in writing within 14 days after the delivery date. We will not be liable for any loss or damage if you fail to do this.

8. Cancelling Orders

a) You may cancel your order by notifying us in writing at any time up to 14 days after your products have been delivered. The notification should state your order number and give the reason for cancellation.

b) If you cancel your order after we have despatched the products, then you must return the products to us at the address mentioned above. The products should be returned in a reasonable condition and at your own expense. We recommend the use of a Recorded Delivery Service

c) You can no longer cancel your order once you have opened the product containers or used the products. However, your statutory rights concerning the quality of those products will be unaffected.

9. General

a) The products advertised in the Web Site are intended for sale to persons dealing as consumers and are not for re-sale.

b) The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply to any contract between us, so that no contractual rights are conferred on third parties.

c) Any contract between us shall incorporate these terms and conditions and be under English law. If there is any dispute, the English Courts will have exclusive jurisdiction.

rewards for life

The Programme

1. These terms and conditions, together with our Privacy Policy, are applicable across the entire Holland & Barrett rewards for life Programme ("the Programme") and any participation in the Programme constitutes acceptance of them. The rewards for life account, card, key fobs, coupons and points, in whatever form, are issued by and remain the property of Holland & Barrett Retail Limited ("Holland & Barrett") which may, at any time, terminate the Programme or alter or amend the conditions of operation of the Programme.

2. All members of the Programme must be resident in the UK and aged 16 years or over.

3. You can register for the Programme in any UK Holland & Barrett store, online and via mail order.

4. The Holland & Barrett rewards for life card ("H&B RFL card"), in whatever form, is not transferable, cannot be copied and can only be used by the member who is named and registered for the card. Holland & Barrett rewards for life key fobs may be used by anyone who is resident at the same registered address as the member.

5. Members are only entitled to one Holland & Barrett rewards for life account each. Holland & Barrett reserves the right to refuse, merge or close additional accounts at any time.

6. Your H&B RFL card is personal to you. We do not issue additional H&B RFL cards for your account, but your family and friends can of course apply for their own Holland & Barrett rewards for life cards.

7. The Programme is only for personal and consumer use. H&B RFL cards and key fobs cannot be used for any business transaction or purpose.

8. H&B RFL cards and key fobs can only be used for purchases from UK Holland & Barrett stores and for purchases made online at www.hollandandbarrett.com or via mail order.

9. Holland & Barrett rewards for life accounts, cards, key fobs, coupons and points cannot be transferred, bought, sold or in any way traded.

10. To receive full membership benefits of the Programme, including reward coupons, members must activate their card online at www.hollandandbarrett.com/signup or via their nearest UK Holland & Barrett store. Members who experience difficulties with this process should call the Holland & Barrett rewards for life helpline on 0370 606 6606.

11. Members must register their personal details and keep Holland & Barrett informed of any changes. Holland & Barrett cannot be held responsible for any loss of points or coupons incurred as a result of out of date details, and may cancel membership of the Programme if details are clearly no longer current.

12. If a new H&B RFL card is not activated within one year of receipt, the account will be closed.

13. The safe keeping of H&B RFL cards, key fobs and coupons remains the responsibility of the rewards for life member, as do any security details relating to the account i.e. username and password. Holland & Barrett cannot be held responsible for any loss arising from the member failing to ensure the security or safe-keeping of these items.

14. Holland & Barrett may decline to issue, withdraw or cancel Holland & Barrett rewards for life accounts, cards, key fobs, coupons and points, in whatever form, and / or remove a member from the Programme at any time where there is reasonable belief of:

a. Any abuse or attempted abuse of the Programme;
b. Any breach or attempted breach of these terms and conditions and / or those relating to the optional elements of the Programme; or
c. any behaviour relating to Holland & Barrett rewards for life or Holland & Barrett that involves theft, misconduct, abusive or offensive behaviour, or supplying false or misleading information.

15. Members can choose to leave the Programme at any time. By leaving the Programme members forfeit the right to any points or coupons already accrued or issued.

16. Members who do not collect any points for one year will be removed from the Programme and will need to apply for new membership should they wish to re-join.

17. Members may be able to acquire the points or coupons of a close family member who has died by providing a written request, informing us of the membership details of the deceased.

18. Your privacy is very important to us. A copy of our Privacy Policy is set out below.
Privacy policy: Your privacy is very important to us, that's why we'll take great care with any personal information you share with us and will never release these details to any company outside of the Holland & Barrett group of companies for their marketing purposes. However, we would like to use the information you share with us to keep you up to date with the range of products and services we offer and to help make shopping with us easier. This includes news of events, promotions, offers, product launches and special activity relating to your rewards for life membership. We may contact you by email, post, text message or phone. We are constantly looking to improve our business and the service we offer, so from time to time we may contact you to get your feedback or for research purposes. However, we will always give you the option of how you want to be contacted by us and when you want to end your participation in the Programme. If you want to limit how we contact you or cease participation in the programme, then please contact us via the rewards for life helpline on 0370 606 6606 or email us at rewardsforlife@hollandandbarrett.com.

rewards for life Points

19. The current conversion value of points is one point equals one penny. We will not exchange Holland & Barrett rewards for life points for cash. We may from time to time change the number of points you collect on products and services included in the Programme. We will display notices in stores and at www.hollandandbarrett.com advising members of changes.

20. Holland & Barrett rewards for life points can be earned at UK Holland & Barrett stores and for purchases made online at www.hollandandbarrett.com or via mail order. The current introductory rate of points collected is 4 points for each full £1 of expenditure, after any discounts have been applied. Points will be collected on all purchases over £1.

21. To be awarded points, members must spend £1 or above on qualifying products in a single transaction. During time of point promotions or special offers, the amount of points awarded may change and may vary depending on the products bought, the amount spent and where the transaction takes place.

22. Members must present their H&B RFL card or key fob at the checkout in order to collect points for a transaction in stores. It may be possible for members who forget to do this at the time of the transaction to have their points added manually at the store, but this cannot be guaranteed if the customer has not activated their card. Upon production of a valid receipt, provided the receipt belongs to the claiming member, relates to their personal expenditure and is produced within 14 days of the original transaction date, it may also be possible to manually add points for a transaction to the member's account. All queries of this nature should be referred to the H&B RFL helpline by calling 0370 606 6606. Points may only be claimed for up to two transactions or receipts per day. Receipts may need to be posted, faxed or emailed and guidance on this will be provided by the Holland & Barrett rewards for life Helpline.

23. Members will be required to quote their H&B RFL card number to collect points on purchases made through any catalogue, phone or online transaction.

24. Certain products may be excluded from the Programme at the discretion of Holland & Barrett from time to time, particularly those which are the subject of other promotional activity.

25. Members can earn a maximum of 30,000 points in any one collection period.

26. During any double points and other events, in store, online or on mail order members will receive the promotional rate of points only. The normal rate of points at that time will not be awarded in addition to the promotional points.

27. Holland & Barrett may set a limit on the number of times points may be awarded for promotional items on which additional points are available. Individual promotions may have different limits as communicated in their purchase conditions. Any participation in promotional offers above and beyond what could objectively be considered consumer behaviour or personal use may be treated as abuse of the Programme.

28. Holland & Barrett is entitled to remove points at any time if products are returned for any reason and a full or partial refund of the purchase price is given. This also applies to the exchange of products, unless the exchange is for products with an equivalent points value.

29. If you fail to present your H&B RFL card when receiving a refund, we will deduct the points from your H&B RFL card the next time you present it in stores.

30. When returning goods purchased from www.hollandandbarrett.com, unless you are requesting an exact replacement for your return, any Holland & Barrett rewards for life points collected on those items will be deducted from your H&B RFL card.

31. Points have no value until converted into coupons at the end of a collection period.

32. Holland & Barrett is under no obligation to award Holland & Barrett rewards for life points other than for qualifying transactions.

33. Points will be awarded for any shipping / delivery charges incurred for online and direct mail orders.

rewards for life Coupons

34. Holland & Barrett rewards for life coupons will be sent ("H&B RFL coupons"), with a statement to members who have accumulated total points above the qualifying threshold at the end of each collection period. The current minimum qualifying threshold to receive a coupon is 50 points.

35. Holland & Barrett is under no obligation to send a statement by post.

36. The value of H&B RFL coupons given by Holland & Barrett will be based on the number of points that a member has collected by the end of the last day of the collection period. Collection periods may vary at Holland & Barrett's discretion.

37. Points values at the end of the collection period will be converted into reward coupons in 25 pence increments, with a minimum coupon value of 50 pence. Other than for customers who receive their coupons by post, we may at any time reduce the amount of the minimum coupon value. Any points that remain following conversion (because they are either below the qualifying threshold or above the value of the reward coupon) will be 'carried forward' as the starting balance for the next collection period. 'Carried forward' points will expire after one year if the account has not been used within that period.

38. H&B RFL coupons valid for 3 months from date of issue and are accompanied by an expiry date, beyond which they cannot be used or reissued. Coupons that are lost or mislaid may be reissued with the original expiry date, provided they have not been redeemed previously. Additional terms and conditions may be found on the back of the coupons.

39. Holland & Barrett may restrict the use of the reward coupon to selected products and exclude products which may be included in other promotional activity.

40. Each H&B RFL coupon must be used in full in one transaction and no change will be given. The coupon can be used as part payment towards product(s) of a higher value provided the balance of the payment is covered by another suitable method.

41. If a product you purchase using a reward coupon is unsatisfactory, please return it to any UK Holland & Barrett store. If necessary, we will re-credit your account with the correct number of points. No cash refund will be given in these circumstances.


42. Points awarded at the time of a transaction or coupons already issued may be removed or cancelled if Holland & Barrett determines that the points were collected in breach of these terms and conditions or were awarded in error. For the avoidance of doubt, no advice given or action taken by our staff that is contrary to these terms and conditions will have the effect of changing these terms and conditions.

43. The Programme is operated by Holland & Barrett Retail Ltd, Samuel Ryder House, Barling Way, Eliot Park, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 7RH.

44. These terms and conditions are correct as of 12th February 2016 and shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England. Any disputes will be decided only by the English courts. Holland & Barrett reserves the right to change these terms and conditions, at any time, for legal, regulatory, business or policy reasons. Members who continue to participate in the Programme following such a change will have accepted the amended terms and conditions.

45. A person who is not a party to these terms and conditions shall have no right under the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any provision in these terms and conditions, but this shall not affect any right or remedy of a third party which exists or is available apart from that Act.

46. Due to printing lead times, the terms and conditions available in stores may not reflect recent changes. The most up to date terms and conditions for the Programme can be found on this page or can be provided in writing by contacting the H&B RFL helpline on 0370 606 6606.

Half Price Sale

Half Price offer is valid until 8:30am on the 14th April 2016. Selected items only. All orders are subject to availability. On all multi-buy promotions the discount will be applied to the lowest priced item. We reserve the right to retract these offers at any time.

£5 off £45 spend

Specified amount will automatically be deducted from total basket spend online once qualifying amount is reached - qualifying amount is after all other discounts are applied. Offer valid until 27/03/2016. Discount of £5 will automatically apply once your basket totals £45 or more and applies to every £45 spent in one transaction up to £500. Offer can only be used once per customer and cannot be combined with any other voucher. All orders subject to availability. Offer can be redeemed in store until 27/03/2016 by showing barcode at the till - barcode must be presented at time of purchase. All orders subject to availability. We reserve the right to retract this offer at any time.

Free 1Kg bag of nuts

To qualify, spend £10 in online or instore in a single transaction. £10 spend is after all other discounts are applied and does not include delivery charge. Subject to availability. Stock of free items is limited and may vary by store. We reserve the right to remove this offer at any time.1 bag of nuts, from those featured on the banner, will be added to your basket when you apply code FREENUTS at the basket.

Buy one try one for £1

Buy One Try One for £1 Terms & Conditions: Buy any product and try one of the following products for a £1: SKU 006475 Holland & Barrett Aloe Vera Colon Cleanse Tablets 330mg, SKU 002672 Holland & Barrett Aloe Vera Gel or SKU 001317 Dr Organic Aloe Vera Body Wash 75ml. This offer is available until 19th April 2016. The £1 item will need to be added to the basket to add into the order, it will not be added automatically. One qualifying £1 item per single item in order, with a maximum of 6 £1 items per order. We reserve the right to retract these offers at any time.

£5 off £50 spend

Specified amount will automatically be deducted from total basket spend online once qualifying amount is reached - qualifying amount is after all other discounts are applied. Offer valid until 11/04/2016. Discount of £5 will automatically apply once your basket totals £50 or more and applies to every £50 spent in one transaction up to £500. Offer can only be used once per customer and cannot be combined with any other voucher. All orders subject to availability. Offer can be redeemed in store until 11/04/2016 by showing barcode at the till - barcode must be presented at time of purchase. All orders subject to availability. We reserve the right to retract this offer at any time.

Ask Us

Our qualified associates all hold an official qualification validated by Pearson, a body accredited by the Government. In order to give you the best level of advice, they may still refer to reference material when required.

There are certain conditions on which our associates are not legally allowed to advise, highlighted under our ‘red flag’ policy. Therefore questions relating to these conditions cannot be answered and are not included in this offer.

Questions must relate to the products stocked in Holland & Barrett stores and must be of genuine intent either linked to a specific ailment or relating to the specific product benefits.

20% discount will be applied to your transaction if our retail store associates are unable to answer such a question on vitamins, minerals, supplements, sports nutrition or health products.

Any question about a branded product (i.e. one provided to us direct from an external supplier) or a question about our own label product that is linked to an external part of the manufacturing process (including source of origin and technical specification) may result in us having to contact the supplier direct for details and may not be resolved on the day. In this instance, questions will be directed to our Customer Service Department who will take the customer’s name, contact phone number or email address and details of the transaction; and in cases where the question cannot be answered, we will refund the 20% discount.

This offer is not available in conjunction with any Healthy / Healthy for Men Magazine offers.

This offer is not available online.

This offer is not available to store associates.

We reserve the right to retract this offer at any time.



In these Terms and Conditions the following words shall have the following meanings :-

“The Company” means Holland & Barrett International Limited

“The Goods” means the products, articles or things which are supplied by the Company

“The Buyer” means the corporate entity firm or person being the purchaser of the Goods


2.1All orders placed by the Buyer for the Goods are subject to these Terms and Conditions.

2.2These Terms and Conditions exclude any other terms and conditions additional hereto or which the Buyer might seek to impose.

2.3No variation of these Terms and Conditions is permitted unless expressly accepted by the Company in writing.

2.4A quotation provided by the Company is open for a period of 30 days only beginning with the date thereof, provided that the Company does not previously withdraw it. Any price list issued by the Company can be withdrawn without prior notice.

2.5A contract is not made between the Buyer and the Company until the Company accepts an order by giving written notice to the Buyer or the Company attempts delivery of the Goods, whichever is the first to occur.


3.1No cancellation of an order by the Buyer is permitted except where expressly agreed by the Company in writing.

3.2The Buyer will in the event of agreed cancellation by the Buyer indemnify the Company fully against all expenses incurred up to the time of such cancellation together with (by way of liquidated damages) a sum representing the Company’s loss of profit.


4.1Unless otherwise agreed in writing and stated on the invoice, all sums become due and payable by the Buyer under these Terms and Conditions not later than 30 days from the date of invoice by the Company. Time for payment shall be of the essence.

4.2The Company reserves the right to charge interest at 5% above the base rate of Barclays Bank PLC on all overdue amounts, such interest being deemed to accrue on a day to day basis from the due date for payment.

4.3If the Buyer fails to fulfil the terms of payment, the Company shall be entitled to demand payment of all outstanding balances whether due or not and/or cancel all outstanding orders whether due or not and/or decline to make further deliveries except on receipt of cash or other satisfactory security.

4.4The Company reserves the right at any time at its discretion to demand security for payment before continuing with or delivering any order.

4.5The Buyer shall have no right of set off, statutory or otherwise.


5.1All items due for delivery shall be delivered to the address at which the Buyer’s account is registered, unless the Company is otherwise notified in writing.

5.2Time of delivery is not of the essence.

5.3The Company shall not be liable for any loss whatsoever or howsoever arising caused by its non-delivery or by the failure to make Goods ready for collection on the due date.

5.4If the Company is prevented from delivering any Goods at the time provided for delivery by reason of any cause outside the reasonable control of the Company (including but not limited to fire, explosion, delay in supplies, interference by labour strikes or lock outs, or non-availability of transport or materials) then the date or period for delivery shall be extended by the duration of the delaying factors. If the delaying factors shall have operated for 12 weeks or more and shall still be operating, the Buyer may give written notice to the Company to terminate the contract in respect of those Goods which still remain to be delivered under the contract.

5.5The Company reserves the right to make delivery by instalments and to tender a separate invoice in respect of each instalment.

5.6If no date for delivery is stated, deliveries shall be made at a reasonable rate.

5.7Deviations in the quantity of the Goods delivered representing not more than 10 per cent by value from that stated in the Buyer’s order shall not give the Buyer any right to reject the Goods or to claim damages and the Buyer shall accept and pay at the contract rate for the quantity of the Goods delivered.

5.8If the Buyer shall fail to take delivery of the Goods when delivery is attempted or falls due, the Company shall be considered to have tendered and the Buyer to have refused to accept such delivery.

5.9The Company shall pay the cost of carriage and packing on all orders for Goods to the net value of over £100 which are to be delivered in the United Kingdom, except where any order or part thereof is dispatched on the specific instructions of the Buyer in a particular manner, in which case the Buyer will pay the costs of carriage and/or packing as the case may be.

5.10Except as provided in clause 5.9, the prices quoted by the Company do not include any carriage or packing charges and these shall be paid for by the Buyer.


6.1No Goods may be returned by the Buyer except with the prior consent in writing given by the Company. The signature of a delivery note does not constitute consent.


7.1The drawings, designs, copyright and intellectual property in the Goods shall belong to the Company unless expressly agreed in writing to the contrary.


8.1Title in the Goods shall not pass to the Buyer until payment is made by the Buyer of the price and all other monies due to the Company. At any time prior to such payment being made, the Company or its agents shall have the right to enter upon the premises where the Goods are stored and retake possession of them.

8.2Risk in the Goods shall pass to the Buyer whenever the first of the following events occurs:

  • the Goods are delivered to the Buyer’s address or such other address notified by the Buyer in writing; or
  • if the Goods are collected, when the Goods are loaded onto transport provided by the Buyer or its agents.

8.3The Company shall at any time be entitled to appropriate any payment made by the Buyer in respect of Goods in settlement of such invoices or accounts in respect of such Goods as the Company may in its absolute discretion think fit, notwithstanding any purported appropriation to the contrary by the Buyer.

8.4If the Buyer:

8.4.1makes default or commits any breach of its obligations to the Company and fails to remedy such default or breach within a reasonable time not exceeding 14 days; or

8.4.2is involved in any legal proceedings in which its solvency is in question; or

8.4.3is a company and any meeting is convened or resolution is passed or petition is presented (otherwise than for reconstitution or amalgamation) to wind it up, or a receiver is appointed or is subject to an administration order; or

8.4.4ceases or threatens to cease to trade

then in any such case the Company shall immediately become entitled (without prejudice to its other claims and rights under any contract) to suspend further performance of any contract for such time not exceeding six months as it shall in its absolute discretion think fit or (whether or not notice of such suspension shall have been given) to treat any contract as wrongfully repudiated by the Buyer and forthwith terminate such contract.


9.1The Buyer is under a duty to inspect the Goods on delivery or on collection, as the case may be.

9.2Claims for non-delivery must be made within 7 days of the invoice date.

9.3The Company shall be under no liability for any defect, damage in transit or shortages that would be apparent on careful inspection if a written claim is not delivered to the Company within 2 days of delivery or collection of the Goods, as the case may be, detailing the alleged defect, damage or shortfall.

9.4In all cases where defects, damages or shortages are complained of the Company shall be under no liability in respect thereof unless an opportunity to inspect the Goods is supplied to the Company.

9.5Subject to Clause 9.2, Clause 9.3 and Clause 9.4, the Company shall make good any shortage in the Goods and (where appropriate) replace any Goods which are defective or damaged in transit as soon as it is reasonably able to do so, but otherwise shall be under no liability whatsoever arising from such shortage, defect or damage.


10.1The Buyer should satisfy itself by inspecting and/or testing samples of the Goods or otherwise to establish that all Goods delivered are of merchantable quality and comply with all relevant legal requirements, and the Buyer will be deemed and conclusively presumed to have done so.

10.2The Company warrants that on delivery the Goods are of merchantable quality and comply with all relevant legal requirements.


11.1 Introduction

11.1.1.Nothing in Clause 11 shall be deemed to exclude or restrict the Company’s liability for death or personal injury resulting from negligence.

11.1.2. Each of the sub-clauses in Clause 11 is to be treated as separate and independent.

11.2 Warranty and Exclusions

11.2.1. The Company agrees that if any Goods are not of merchantable quality or compliant with all relevant legal requirements on delivery, the Company will at its own option replace the Goods at its own expense or refund the purchase price or a fair proportion of it.

11.2.2. Claims in respect of any issues covered by Clause 11.2.1 should be made as soon as such issues are reasonably capable of discovery but in any event within 14 days of delivery or collection of the Goods, as the case may be, failing which no such claims will be considered by the Company.

11.2.3. In consideration for receiving the benefit of Clause 9.5, Clause 10.2 and Clause 11.2.1, the Buyer agrees that no other warranties or indemnities, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, shall form part of any contract or shall be implied into any contract with the Company.

11.3 Exclusion of Consequential Loss

The Company shall not be liable for any consequential or indirect loss suffered by the Buyer whether this loss arises from breach of duty in contract or tort or in any other way (including loss arising from the Company’s negligence).

11.4 Limitation

The Company’s total liability for any one claim or for the total of all claims arising from any one act of default of the Company (whether arising from the Company’s negligence or otherwise) shall not exceed the contract price.


The Buyer shall not assign or transfer or purport to assign or transfer the contract or the benefits thereof to any other person without the prior written consent of the Company.


The contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England.


The rights and remedies of the Company under the contract shall not be diminished, waived or extinguished by the granting of any indulgence, forbearance or extension of time by the Company, nor by any failure of or delay by the Company in asserting or exercising any such rights or remedies.


The headings of these Terms and Conditions are for convenience only and shall have no effect on the interpretation thereof.